User-friendly modeling: Easy loop definition without programming using the "Operator control" object of the Bosch Factory Simulation Library

User-friendly modeling and simulation of manual production lines

2024 Plant Simulation User Conference presentation by Robert Bosch and Siemens Industry Software on user-friendly modeling and simulation for manual production lines. At Robert Bosch GmbH’s Working Group Digital Production, Tobias Lechler, Melanie Wolf, and their team are focusing on improving manual production line planning and execution. Through user-friendly modeling and simulation techniques, they’ve developed a standard library that streamlines the modeling process, offering benefits such as reduced effort and automated model generation. Their approach holds promise for enhancing manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Picture of Carsten Meyer of Robert Bosch presenting work with Plant Simulation software.

Unleashing the benefits: Convincing experts to embrace standardization in production systems

Defining a software as a standard tool doesn’t ensure its adequate usage. This blog shares how Bosch Powertrain Solutions tackled this topic by working on standards development, data consistency and training. It highlights the development of a standard library focusing on the involvement of new users and existing experts.

Optimization: Harnessing the power of Plant Simulation for planning and scheduling

Tao Yifei, Industrial Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, explores the application of Plant Simulation in optimizing production processes and improving planning and scheduling efficiency.

50 % decrease in drop inventory. Simulation helps with analysis, optimization, and with execution.

50 % decrease in drop inventory. Simulation helps with analysis, optimization and execution. Surprising results from feeding simulation data into a customer specific manufacturing system.

How THK Manufacturing of America uses Plant Simulation to Optimize Manufacturing

THK Manufacturing of America uses Plant Simulation to Optimize Manufacturing Processes.

Logistics Planning in Universities? Material Flow Simulation for Students?

The Plant Simulation Student Challenge starts into round two:
This Challenge is intended for students and professors in academics, university, learning and education.

What´s New in Plant Simulation 2201?

The day before the Realize LIVE Europe conference, at the Plant Simulation User Day 2022 in Berlin, Dr Georg Piepenbrock,…

Dr Piepenbrock opening the Plant Simulation Conference

Plant Simulation User Day 2022 in Berlin

What a day! On Monday, May 30th 2022, the worldwide community of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation users gathered in the Estrel…