Picture of Carsten Meyer of Robert Bosch presenting work with Plant Simulation software.

Unleashing the benefits: Convincing experts to embrace standardization in production systems

Defining a software as a standard tool doesn’t ensure its adequate usage. This blog shares how Bosch Powertrain Solutions tackled this topic by working on standards development, data consistency and training. It highlights the development of a standard library focusing on the involvement of new users and existing experts.

Picture of Natalie Vollmer, Simulation Expert at Siemens' electric motor factory in Bad Neustadt.

The empowering benefits of linking the digital twin of production online with real production

By linking the digital twin of production online with the real production, a completely new quality of data is generated within the material flow simulation model. This enables the unlocking of new use cases for planners and shop floor leaders.

Assembly Line Planner in NX 1980 – What’s new?

Assembly Line Planner is a process planning application based on Siemens NX™ software. It enables you to plan a complex production…


Implementing flexible automation with fully integrated digital manufacturing tools

B/S/H/ leverages Tecnomatix, Teamcenter, and NX to optimize mixed robotic and manual assembly Munich-headquartered B/S/H/ (BSH) has grown since its…

Assembly Line Planner: Simplify complex planning tasks

Guided planning and detailing for complex assembly tasks in an intuitive user experience Assembly Line Planner is a process planning…

NX CAM & Tecnomatix Experience @ Realize LIVE Europe 2020

Gain insights into how leading companies digitalize manufacturing to stay competitive. Learn about innovative part manufacturing, adaptable product assembly, and…