Logistics optimization enhancing plant efficiency: Analyzing logistic routes with heat maps for optimal efficiency and strategic improvements

The lecture highlighted the importance of logistics optimization in manufacturing, stressing its role in ensuring efficient material flow and cost reduction. Jéssica Cette Gomes, an Analyst at Volvo Group Trucks Operations, introduced a pioneering approach: analyzing logistic routes with heat maps for enhanced efficiency and strategic improvements. Her method aims to optimize routes, providing valuable insights for future logistical enhancements.

Simulating a log handler with Plant Simulation

At the 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference in Munich, Alexander Dilg of SimPlan AG will present a detailed exploration an 8-axis log handler simulation in a sawmill using the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation MultiPortalCrane library covering various aspects, including the sawmill industry’s challenges, project specifics, simulation model implementation and findings.

Picture of Stefan J. Koch, Technical Director, more3D immersed in a VR session using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software.

Advanced virtual reality with Plant Simulation software

In this lecture, we explore the integration of Plant Simulation software with Virtual Reality (VR) technology, specifically HTC Vive, and discover the transformative impact it has on manufacturing efficiency. By merging the power of Plant Simulation software’s digital modeling with the immersive capabilities of VR, we unlock a new dimension in optimizing and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Container terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg, Germany

How Digital Twins increase Sustainability

Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) helped optimizing battery storage utilization in one of the World´s first climate-neutral certified fully automated container…

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The impact of electrification on heavy equipment manufacturing

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Heavy Equipment Collaborative Manufacturing

Webinar: The digital thread in heavy equipment manufacturing

Production excellence is achieved with a digital thread connecting product engineering with manufacturing engineering all the way to production execution…

Digital Thread for Collaborative Manufacturing

Collaborative Manufacturing: Critical for success in today’s complex Heavy Equipment industry

Heavy Equipment is getting smarter. Software- and electronics-driven equipment is increasing product complexity and the number of product configurations that…

OEM Off-Highway Webinar

Webinar: Collaborative Manufacturing with the Digital Twin

Connect and enrich the digital thread to achieve heavy equipment collaborative manufacturing. There is no doubt that heavy equipment manufacturers…