Webinar: The digital thread in heavy equipment manufacturing

By Mike Rouman

Production excellence is achieved with a digital thread connecting product engineering with manufacturing engineering all the way to production execution and performance.

Heavy equipment manufacturers today are being challenged by their customers, the competition, and industry, to develop and make smarter equipment in a tough economic climate.

How can they respond?

Siemens Digital Industries Software provides solutions to help manufacturers deal with fundamental shifts in the industry and to manage the rapid pace and complexity of hardware, software and electronics integration into heavy equipment machinery. These solutions are based on a collaborative manufacturing approach.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Turn complex product configuration into a competitive advantage that drives savings all along the digital thread
  • Frontload manufacturing preparation from the manufacturing bill of material to shop floor work instructions
  • Connect to enterprise resource planning and execution systems through closed loop manufacturing

These important topics will be demonstrated using the latest Easy Plan software.

The new task-oriented user interface of Easy Plan dramatically shortens engineering time by guiding and aiding the manufacturing engineer throughout the process.
The new EBOM – MBOM Alignment app in Easy Plan guides the manufacturing engineer in implementing necessary engineering changes.

Register now to learn how collaborative manufacturing helps solve tomorrow’s heavy equipment challenges, today.

Johan Nordling - Siemens
Johan Nordling – Manufacturing Business Team, Nordics
Siemens Digital Industries Software
Ola Blanck - Siemens
Ola Blanck – Manufacturing Brand Team Leader, Nordics
Siemens Digital Industries Software

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