Is your cloud PLM secure?

By Jen Groisman

Why do companies manage their product data in cloud PLM?

More and more companies discover that storing and managing their product data in a reliable cloud PLM system provides numerous benefits and can create unprecedented competitive advantages and allow them to bring innovative products to market faster.

PLM cloud revolutionizes the industry – users can innovate faster and collaborate more efficiently including visual collaboration with 2D and 3D data. Data can be easily viewed, analyzed and shared throughout the enterprise.

Modern PLM that take advantage of the cloud significantly reduces the number of time companies spend managing and operating IT. This means companies can focus more on what they are most interested in – business growth and innovation.

Other benefits include:

  • Unmatched scalability – cloud services are built to scale and size as needed, including database and storage. Get the same fast PLM performance no matter how heavy your workload is. Go global in minutes.
  • Reliability – customers can breathe more easily knowing that their IP managed in PLM is protected against data loss and security risks. The scalable, reliable and secure global computing infrastructure for PLM is available across the globe.
  • Security – users can securely access product lifecycle data – from anywhere, on any device and at any time.

Information stored on cloud PLM includes intellectual property – such as CAD designs, material and tooling data. For most businesses, this knowledge is of paramount importance.

This new reality created a need for constant connectivity and consumerization of devices. Each of these changes poses its own set of challenges including ever-increasing cybersecurity risks.

Prevent IP leaks from your cloud PLM system

secure PLM software

Siemens Teamcenter X team is here to protect your intellectual property and your business from these threats. We always put the security and regulatory needs of your business first.

Cloud PLM software security

Teamcenter X implements industry-leading security controls. We use privacy policies with best practices, governance and compliance.

Safeguard your valuable intellectual property from internal and external cyber threats with Teamcenter X.

Achieve the highest level of security for your data. Mitigate the legal, financial and business risks of non-compliance or insecure practices.

AWS Cloud is a proven platform that offers stringent security controls and compliances for mission-critical applications. Recently, AWS Cloud secured a deal with UK spy agencies to host top-secret intelligence in its Cloud service.

Rely on Teamcenter X - most widely used secure cloud PLM

AWS Cloud

Teamcenter X is deployed on AWS Cloud. Your product data will be safeguarded in accordance with global standards for security, privacy, compliance, transparency and availability.

Establish a highly secure PLM system for your business. Take a look at some of our key security measures.

Secure by design

Teamcenter X supports up to 440 security controls. Choose your deployment scenario: we offer options that range from commercial to government and defense deployments.

Teamcenter X is secure by design. Siemens’ Corporate Product & Solution Security is based on Information Security Management System (IEC 27001), Application Security (IEC 27034), Cybersecurity (IEC 62443), and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Teamcenter testing methodology complies with OWASP level 2 standards. It includes continuous internal penetration test and six-month cadence for third-party penetration test.

Is your cloud PLM software secure?

It is secure when you use Teamcenter X. At Siemens, we implement the most stringent security controls, policies and procedures. This is why Teamcenter X is the industry best-in-class PLM.

Rely on Teamcenter X for secure and compliant need-to-know access – anytime, anywhere.

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