New in Solid Edge 2023: Model-Based Definition Enhancements

Model-Based Definition (MBD) in Solid Edge 2023 gives you the tools to detail 3D models faster and easier than ever before.

Hybrid modeling in Solid Edge with syncronous and ordered modes

Changing your modeling approach can accelerate your product design process and enable entirely new ways of working. This post provides a walkthrough of the unique hybrid modeling features in Solid Edge, powered by our market-leading syncronous technology.


Best practices for working with faceted geometry and mesh bodies

Discover four important capabilities you need when mixing points, triangles, surfaces and solids.

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Model-based definition and how to embrace it

MBD provides a single source of truth: the 3D model. Learn how to transition your product documentation processes to an MBD approach.

On-Demand Webinar: Solid Edge Model Based Definition

In the recent webinar, Model Based Definition – How it can improve your product design process, users are able to…

Solid Edge 2020 offers expanded MBD capabilities

Solid Edge 2020 introduces expanded capabilities to add MBD (model based defintion) information to your designs, and publish this information using interactive 3D PDF documents. Ricky Black presented…

Solid Edge 2020 launched at Realize Live

Democratization of software solutions for product development was a key theme of the Solid Edge 2020 launch at Realize Live today. With the Solid Edge portfolio, leading technology solutions develope…