You’ll never solve alone!

Stuck at home?  We will not leave you behind!

We will find you and we will support you!

When we made this promise to our customers (and our prospects), we thought that the whole “finding you” part might be a bit difficult. After all, there are quite a lot of places where you could hide. We expected to find you in your office, your neighboring department, your university or research institutes, trade shows you visit, industry events, scientific conferences, our training classes, at the phone when you call us up, your laptops and smart phones when you ping us, and at our very own conferences.

What we did NOT expect was we would go and find you sitting at the kitchen table, in the attic, in the basement, between kids jumping around, because school and kindergarten is closed, your partner sitting next to you doing emails stuck at home just like you are.

I assume that by now you’ve been doing this for a few days, just like me. I am a stuck-at-home engineer now. But despite all obvious social challenges, even our professional work – that is typically relying on computers and digital access to everything – under these conditions is not as straight forward as we initially thought.

Even in times of digitalization and digital communication I think it has quite quickly become obvious to all of us:

Being an engineer in a stuck-at-home scenario has its own challenges

  • Access big CAE data from a remote location
  • Check out licenses from the company server
  • Stay in touch with engineering fellows and experts (and if it was just to talk to someone about that annoying bug you just ran into)
  • Getting a quick question on the tool answered
  • Getting detailed training on new CAE software
  • Sharing the internet connection with the kids

Now, to be fair we can’t solve all of those (especially for the latter). But we did make a promise, and we take our promises seriously:

“We will find you and we will support you!” And we should have added: “not even a virus will stop us from doing so.”

So, it’s our mission: to do whatever we can to make your engineering-from home-life a little easier: Here are the measures we will undertake with immediate effect so that no engineer stuck in home-office is left behind!

Ensure access for our customers to their licensed Simcenter products

  • Simcenter STAR-CCM+ For our customers working from home we are extending free and unlimited access to Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for two more weeks until May 15th.  Customers who work from home and still cannot access your company licenses should contact their sales representative who can provide them with a new Power On Demand key (valid through May 15th, 2020). The previous POD key expires on April 30th.
  • Simcenter Flotherm suite, Simcenter FLOEFD, Simcenter Flomaster, Simcenter Magnet and Simcenter Motorsolve If our customers are having licensing problems working from home they will find first troubleshooting guidance here.  If you could not resolve the issue please open a support request. Our support staff will then help with the configuration or process your request for a 30-day license to use at home. This license can be extended if social distancing initiatives require it. 
  • Simcenter FEMAP  We have made a node-lock license file available via the GTAC site for anyone who needs to use FEMAP on their Windows machine at home for any reason.  More information here
  • Simcenter Testlab, Simcenter Testxpress, Simcenter Tecware, Simcenter 3D, Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter Prescan, Simcenter Madymo, Simcenter Tire, HEEDS. If you are having license issues, please get in touch with your Dedicated Support Engineer or Siemens Sales Representative who will make sure you can operate our software from home.

Free access to Siemens software Online Training

  • Changing work conditions present an opportunity for our community to increase their skills and abilities with Siemens software. Effective immediately, and for the period of the COVID-19 impact, we’re offering free 30-day subscriptions to our online learning memberships. With this offer, the community will have free access to a rich set of video-based learning, labs and other engaging training content that can improve proficiency in the products they already use and build skills in new Siemens solutions.
  • For University students and educators we have set up free access to academic resources for remote learning across the Simcenter portfolio. Moreover, we are currently offering the Professional Edition course introduction to Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to students for free.
  • Here is a list of free on-demand webinars hand-picked for testing engineering, where Simcenter shares its knowledge and expertise with the testing communities. The list of links is organized according to the field and industry of interest.

Continuing availability of dedicated Customer Support during these times

  • Our engineers in Siemens are also finding new ways to work and to maintain business continuity and this is reflected in the continuing availability of dedicated Customer Support during these times. All of our Dedicated Support Engineers (DSEs) stand ready and continue to provide our customer base with unparalleled engineering assistance and insight as you continue to use the software; you may contact your DSE using the normal methods via email, the Steve Portal or by direct phone.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come

You’ll never solve alone

We are not able to fill Anfield Road yet, and we are probably not as skilled singers as our Italian friends are, but I am confident if all 400 Dedicated Support Engineers on this globe sing this song for you it will still give you the creeps. Whatever happens, they will support each single one you, just like the fans of Liverpool support their F.C. . No doubt about it!

Even in times of a virus lockdown,

” with Simcenter, you’ll never solve alone!”

Stay safe!

PS: When we do find you, please make sure you aren’t wearing pajamas. That would just be awkward for everyone.

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