Working from home – how does that sound to you?

By Frank Demesmaeker

Now that most of us are working from home, we all need to adapt to this new office environment. Walking to our office desk literally takes a minute, being only a few steps away from our breakfast table and bed. Finding a good balance between work and free time becomes more difficult and requires quite some discipline.

In order to break this “eat-sleep-work-repeat” routine, one day I decided to use the Simcenter SCADAS XS and Sound Camera to record a typical day working from home:

A typical day at the (home) office

As illustrated in the video, all of these household appliances and consumer products generate their specific sounds. And even if they are not very loud (except for my coffee machine – what else?), the way these products sound is an important design criterium for manufacturers. This so-called sound quality directly relates to our subjective impression as an end user of the overall product quality.

The Simcenter SCADAS XS with its binaural headset is ideal for recording, filtering and replaying these high-quality 3D sounds. Further analyzing the sounds can be done using sound quality metrics or in a jury testing setup. The Simcenter Sound Camera is the perfect tool for instant sound source localization, identifying in real-time both the location and the frequencies of the main acoustical hotspots.

Limiting vibrations – maximizing lifetime

Next to measuring and analyzing sounds, Simcenter Testing also offers vibration and durability solutions on the same hard- and software platform. Designing consumer products with a high acoustic quality is one thing but limiting structural vibrations and maximizing product lifetime are equally important quality design criteria.

Being part of the Simcenter solution family, these testing results can be combined with the different Simcenter simulation solutions.

Learn all about how the Simcenter Testing and Simulation solutions help designing higher quality consumer products by attending this webinar on “The role of engineering simulation and testing in futuristic consumer products”.

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