Simcenter SCADAS XS: great things come in small packages

By Aga Oltarzewska

Simcenter Testlab 2021.1 release is here, and with it quite some improvements to the new version of Simcenter SCADAS XS. The smallest member of the SCADAS family comes packed with a number of new features.

Measure more with CAN-FD

The vast ammount of data that is being transfered within our cars nowadays requires something more perfromant than a regular Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. The size of controls and diagnostic messages has multiplied over the last years. CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN-FD) can transfer up to 8 times more Mbit/s, so it was only a matter of time before we introduced CAN-FD support with Simcenter SCADAS XS.

Simcenter SCADAS XS connectors picture. The CAN connector is highlighted with information that it supports both CAN and CAN-FD
New Simcenter SCADAS XS supports both CAN and CAN-FD protocols

Spread your DC range

The new Simcenter SCADAS XS has an extended DC range of ±10V DC (with previous models supporting a ±2.5V DC range). Wonder why the change? Certain DC pressure and acceleration transducers require the extended range. Typical use-cases for such sensors include acceleration measurement for drivability and comfort, cylinder pressure measurement or clutch and break pressure.

Image shows an analog DC Voltage sensor
The DC range of the new Simcenter SCADAS XS has been extended to ±10V

Instrument, validate and export, free of charge!

As a Simcenter SCADAS XS or Recoder owner, you can now benefit from a new (free!) Recording Workbook. You can, for instance:

  • Instrument your Simcenter SCADAS XS (including TEDS sensors support and sensor database lookup)
  • Calibrate your AC and DC sensors
  • Define your measurement (Triggering on a channel? No problem!)
  • Validate the measured time data after a measurement
  • Export to long list of supported 3rd party formats:
    • UFF
    • ASAM-ODS atfx
    • SDF
    • WAV
    • Excel files
    • Matlab®
    • RPC3
    • Dynaworks
    • GPS (.nmea and .kml)
    • HDF Head
    • NI DIAdem
    • Lexade
    • ASCII
    • IST RigSys
    • MTS I-deas .afu
    • MOOG
    • nCode DAC

Get your Recording Workbook from the Support Center.

Compare your measured runs on the go

As you may know, Simcenter SCADAS XS comes with two Android apps: Simcenter Testlab Scope and Simcenter Testlab Run Comparison. You can learn more about them here.

Simcenter Testlab Run Comparison has been extended with two very important features. Firstly, we now fully support equalized and calibrated audio replay and filtering of all measured runs. Secondly, the list of analysis function that can be calculated on the fly after a measurement has been extended with single and multiple order analysis. Have a look below on a short video showing both of these highly demanded extensions:

Simcenter Testlab Run Comparison 2021.1 new features

That’s a wrap for What’s New in 2021.1 release with Simcenter SCADAS XS. Enjoy the new features and see you next year!

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