Simcenter Amesim: the top 5 most popular articles

By ClaireMaha Mathieu

We are aware that readers have a large range of topics to dive into. So, we’ve picked the most-read posts on Simcenter Amesim of the Simcenter community blog to get you up to speed. Here are the pieces which most caught our readers’ attention. Check them out!

Simcenter-Amesim-2019.1-splashscreen_HR.jpgSimcenter Amesim 2019.1: top 4 reasons to upgrade

Discover in detail the major new capabilities of Simcenter Amesim 2019.1 focused on vehicle electrification, aircraft systems performance engineering, controls engineering, system simulation efficiency and ease of use.

Simcenter-Amesim-Modelica-Standard-support2.jpgSimcenter Amesim now fully supports Modelica

Siemens PLM Software and Modelon partnered to integrate Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit into Simcenter Amesim, to offer their users a reliable interface between the two worlds and avoid cosimulation.

Make-your-Simcenter-Amesim-model-real-time-compatible.jpgMake your Simcenter Amesim model real-time compatible

Check our tips and best practices to make your Simcenter Amesim models real-time compatible or just running faster! Don’t forget to download our infographics.

System-Simulation-digital-layer-16x9.jpgImprove your system simulation efficiency with Simcenter Amesim

In this article, discover what our tool can offer to your business, so you can focus on the engineering activities and missions with a real added value.

Simcenter-Amesim-2019.1-Marine.pngImproving existing technology to meet shipping emissions targets

This is a very practical example of a Simcenter Amesim application for marine industry, showing how simulation can help improving existing designs to meet environmental regulations.

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