Realize LIVE: Less razzle, but still plenty of dazzle

By Jane Wade
Realize Live

Realize LIVE kicked off today, not with the excitement and razzmatazz of Las Vegas but packed full of first-hand stories of success.

Human-centered Innovation

Tony Hemmelgarn started this event today with a whistle-stop tour through digitalization, and the speed of implementing the digital twin for many of our customers.  We talked on this blog recently about the very first digital twin, Apollo 13, and Tony considered how the current digital twin may have impacted that mission, demonstrating that we are no strangers to catastrophe and challenge.

Bringing it right up to date, some of our Simcenter customers were in the spotlight for their implementation of human-centered innovation.  BYE Aerospace are working on an electric aircraft to reduce emissions and help improve our air quality. Lion Electric are aiming to do the same with school buses.  Emissions on the sea are also a huge challenge. Wärtsilä have recently produced the most efficient diesel engine using Simcenter tools.

Even champagne got a mention…digitalization also has a role to play in ensuring the bubbles are just right!

Enabling the Comprehensive Digital Twin

Jan Leuridan and Katrien Wyckeart picked up the digital baton from Tony and took at look at more Simcenter examples.

How do customers use the insight Simcenter gives them to explore designs and really develop the best possible product?

Helping Vyaire produce better breathing equipment, enabling EV manufacturers to understand acoustic comfort, helping Aker Solutions managed sub-sea activities from dry land to improve engineer safety…the list is truly human-centered innovation.

It isn’t just about the hands-on simulation and test experts, Simcenter are working with WebApps servers to make the insight available to the wider organisation so that everyone can benefit from that extra data to deliver better outcomes.

It is not too late to join for Day 2

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Did you attend Day 1? Which story did you find the most innovative?

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