Aircraft Testing: Flutter tests, GVT, acoustics tests… Need help?

By Joelle Beuzit

So, these test procedures are giving you a headache. Could you easily answer the questions below about aircraft testing?

  • How to improve the flight flutter test using a commercial off-the-shelf solution to extract accurate eigenfrequencies, damping, and mode shapes?
  • What are the different solutions (static aeroelasticity, flutter analysis, and dynamic aeroelasticity) used to define the flight envelope and define accurate flutter predictions?
  • How to increase efficiency in identifying modal parameters of large vibrating structures?
  • Which methods help address aircraft environmental noise, from simple aircraft noise level measurements to an advanced sound quality assessment?
  • How to create a sound profile of the aircraft interior in minutes of flight testing?
  • How to clearly identify realistic paths for acoustic optimization?

In fact, are you currently struggling with your testing tools and processes? And so, do you want to find the answers to these and many other questions? Then, join our series of Simcenter on-demand webinars. The lectures are jointly given by Simcenter and industry experts and feature concrete application case studies.

Therefore, register today for one (or all) of our free on-demand webinars and learn how to increase efficiency in your flutter, ground vibration, or acoustic tests.

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 “Accelerate flutter clearance process and increase efficiency in the aircraft certification process”  – Register for the on-demand webinar.

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“Towards aircraft noise reduction”  Register for the on-demand webinar.

Last, do you have input or feedback on our webinar series? Or, more questions about aircraft testing? Then, don’t hesitate to reach back to us on the Simcenter community website.

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