Electric vehicles are not quiet! Join the 3 day hands-on masterclass

By Els Verlinden

Greta Thunberg is everywhere these days. For those of you who happen to not know her (is that possible?): Greta is a Swedish 16-year old activist that wants to stop global warming and climate change. Since the summer of last year, she camps outside the Swedish parliament building and inspires thousands of high school students across the globe to take part in weekly strikes and marches. She travels by train, or, by electric vehicle.

“Youth for climate”, do they have a point? Sure they do. They don’t have any channel speaking for them, so they choose their own path for being heard. You can help too. And actually, you already do. After all, YOU are in the driver seat to optimize eco-friendly vehicles… So please, read on.

June 11-13, Siemens PLM Software is organizing a 3 day hands-on master class to address the NVH and acoustics of hybrid and electric vehicles. Because, contrary to popular belief, electric vehicles are not quiet!


Electric and hybrid electric vehicles drastically reduce CO2 emissions, but ensuring their acoustic comfort means tackling a host of new phenomena. An electric driveline often generates annoying high-frequency tonal noises, while hybrid powertrains exhibit transient noises. Traditional noise sources, such as road noise and wind noise become more prominent without the masking from an internal combustion engine. Additionally, new noise sources that went unnoticed in the past need to be considered, such as HVAC, battery cooling, and steering systems.

Our integrated solutions combine engineering services and the best of simulation and testing tools to help EV and HEV manufacturers and suppliers deliver superior NVH and acoustic performance of the electric drive, battery, and full vehicle.

Join the masterclass and go home with (real) solutions to

  • Optimize electrical motor noise behavior andleave electromagnetic performance unchanged
  • Integrate electric drivelines while ensuring smooth operation with minimum NVH impact
  • Get a grip on noise from auxiliaries such as HVAC, power steering and others
  • Tackle wind and road noise using test and simulation approaches
  • Balance NVH and ride comfort with body weight

Leuven, the heart of NVH activities

The Leuven facility is the heart of our NVH business. The engineering hall is equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure for design, virtual simulation and physical prototype testing. You’ll get an exceptional view inside our normally secluded premises. These  include a 2-wheel chassis dyno in a large semi-anechoic room and a full range of in-house structural test labs and semi-anechoic chambers, equipped with multiple multi-channel mobile and laboratory testing and analysis systems.

Designed for … you
This advanced seminar is designed for NVH and acoustic specialists in both simulation and testing domains. Our message is specifically fine-tuned to NVH managers and engineers interested in gaining insights into advanced technologies for solving the challenges posed by hybrid and electric powertrains, as well as Platform Managers who want to gain insights in how to balance NVH with other performances. A general understanding of NVH is desirable.


Lectures from Simcenter domain experts

As Greta said: “I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. And then I want you to act.” Well, we all know you’re taking action… You’re developing electric cars, and optimizing its performance. No need for you to panic. Just make sure you stay on top of the game and register for this event!

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