Discover the Simcenter SCADAS Family

By Keily SuarezRioja

The Simcenter SCADAS hardware family delivers a data acquisition solution for all your testing measurement needs

You can rely on the flexibility, performance, and precision of Simcenter SCADAS hardware to execute a wide range of multi-physics measurement campaigns. The Simcenter SCADAS hardware includes handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders, rugged devices for extreme measurements, and high-channel-count laboratory data acquisition systems.

Every Simcenter SCADAS device can be seamlessly integrated with dedicated and tailored software packages for accelerated measurement setup and correctly formatted results and analysis, such as Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter Testxpress. This increases productivity throughout the testing cycle, from instrumentation to reporting.

This hardware portfolio supports a variety of analog and digital transducers for acoustic, vibration, and durability engineering. A future-proof investment, the hardware is seamlessly integrated with Simcenter Testlab for accelerated test setup and accurate results.

Simcenter SCADAS XS

Experience full flexibility for noise and vibration testing with Simcenter SCADAS XS. This miniature handheld device helps you perform fast and reliable measurements and comes with a tablet for instant investigation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. It features reliable onboard data storage and a full working day of battery autonomy, offering the flexibility you need to improve testing efficiency.

The system offers 12-plus input channels, including analog channels, a binaural headset and digital binaural headset (including equalization), GPS, CAN or CAN-FD, and 2 analog tachometer inputs. Simcenter SCADAS XS can be combined with an optional Simcenter SCADAS 3D Binaural Headset for cost-effective binaural recording and immediate, high-quality data replay of any analog, Sony/Philips Digital interface format (S/PDIF) or headset channel. This integrated replay capability provides an easy and effective way to validate acoustic quality. You can combine various Simcenter SCADAS XS systems in a distributed test setup that considers the different systems as individual frontends.

Simcenter SCADAS Recorder

Combine acquisition with instant analysis on a scale that fits your needs with Simcenter SCADAS Recorder. It combines the functionalities of an autonomous recorder with a fully-fledged frontend system, accommodating from 8 up to 216 channels in a single frame. With a tablet, you can instantly validate data while measuring it, which allows you to increase the quality of the recorded data by combining acquisition with immediate analysis and prevent errors and annoying reruns. With this state-of-the-art remote control system, you can visualize and monitor data in real-time and adjust settings in the field. 

You can operate the Simcenter SCADAS Recorder in frontend mode, controlled from a PC or laptop, and parallel stream the data to the PC and/or to a flash memory mass storage device through an embedded local area network (LAN) interface. This process allows you to visualize the data in real-time as it is processed and saved. Coming in different channel configurations, the large variety and modularity of the system enables you to make a scalable investment that fits your needs.

Simcenter SCADAS Lab

In need of high-channel-count lab measurements with state-of-the-art precision? Simcenter SCADAS Lab features premium data acquisition with constant high throughput and channel density of up to 480 input channels in a single frame. You can easily connect additional frames to Simcenter SCADAS Lab. This type of modularity is convenient for noise and vibration laboratories and lets you configure a multi-frame system for more than 1,000 channels. 

Simcenter SCADAS Lab offers you channel-count-independent signal conditioning and exceptional throughput performance, which makes the solution an excellent choice for applications such as high-channel-count modal testing, aircraft ground vibration testing, acoustic high-speed throughput, or turbine testing. Additionally, with lab mobility, you can directly connect the system to Simcenter SCADAS Mobile or Simcenter SCADAS Recorder for additional measurements without creating a new test setup. You can also extend any Simcenter SCADAS Lab system to become a frontend for vibration control applications with a dedicated hardware emergency stop.

Simcenter SCADAS Mobile

The Simcenter SCADAS Mobile boosts testing productivity for noise, vibration, durability, and multi-physics applications all packed in a portable and comfortable size. Simcenter SCADAS Mobile hardware includes various systems to satisfy all your mobile testing needs, from ultralight yet robust systems of 2.5 kilograms (kg) that have a nominal 2.5-hour battery autonomy, to laptop-sized systems that can host from eight to 216 channels in a single frame. Its compact size takes only a small space in, or on, a test object, and its fanless operation makes it ideal for acoustic measurements. 

By using Simcenter SCADAS Mobile you can build a large field test setup with multiple frames to expand mobile measurements to include hundreds of input channels. All systems can work in a true main-secondary configuration with fully synchronized data saved in one measurement file. The distributed acquisition happens through optical cabling, and you can easily daisy chain several frames into a single measurement platform. In addition, you can extend any Simcenter SCADAS Mobile system to become a frontend for vibration-control applications or for certification testing of individual components under operational loads.

Simcenter SCADAS RS

And what if the testing environment is difficult, rugged, or extreme? Simcenter SCADAS RS helps you collect precise multi-physics measurements in harsh environments. With its rugged design Simcenter, SCADAS RS protects from dust, water, vibration and shock, and guarantees reliable operation.

A wide range of precise, performant, and scalable conditioning delivers accurate multi-physics measurements. Smart onboard processing takes on-the-spot decisions and automatically reduces vast amounts of raw data. To optimally match your device under test it supports centralized, distributed, or combined topologies scalable from small to large channel count. For unlimited connectivity a web-based application is included that simplifies data collection and allows you to securely access it from anywhere, on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Thanks to its rugged design, extreme flexibility, superior performance, and unparalleled connectivity you will execute your test campaigns faster and more cost-effectively.

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