Daimler: Digital twins in durability for the ‘best cars in the world’

By Els Verlinden

Daimler cars are said to be the best in the world, also with regards to durability engineering. And no doubt they are. Saying is one thing, but accomplishing this is quite something else. How did they climb to that favorable position? The answer is plain and clear: innovation and strategy.

Daimler’s roadmap for the future of durability focuses on doing as much CAE as possible, and doing tests or measurements at the right time on a very high level. This strategy pays off and Simcenter is there to help.

Daimler image.jpg

Bruno Seufert, Senior Manager Chassis Durability and Vehicle Load Data at Daimler AG: “It is a more focused way of working. We model all different types of vehicles, drive them digitally through our digital test programs and analyze the damage content of the loads and forces that we see. Then we select the critical ones that need more analysis work. We do the critical work concerning loads much earlier in the development process. Up to two years earlier!”

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