Sustainable Innovation in Battery Technology: From Production to Recycling – Ep. 6

By Nick Finberg

For many sectors in modern life, decarbonizing necessitates electrifications and the use of batteries to move away from fossil fuels. But just switching is not enough, batteries need to be continuously improved for energy density, longevity, reliability, and cost to not just make them competitive now, but well into the future. To talk about how battery companies are tackling this sustainability challenge, Puneet Sinha and I are sitting back down with Magnus Edholm.

In this second half of our discussion, we will look at the impact of battery manufacturing, how we are helping companies get on the right track for sustainability, the expertise a technology partner needs to bring to the table for a battery business to flourish, and we wrap up with what the industry will look like in the next five to ten years from these expert’s perspectives.

What you’ll learn:

  • [0:54] How can battery companies pursue performance optimizations fast enough to meet demand?
  • [4:55] How do you integrate sustainability into design and production?
  • [12:12] What should a technology partner bring to the table?
  • [18:02] Where can the battery industry go in the next 5-10 years? What do they need to get there?

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Puneet Sinha - Host

Puneet Sinha – Host

Senior Director of Battery Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Magnus Edholm - Guest

Magnus Edholm – Guest

Driving the Digital Enterprise @ Siemens

Nick Finberg - Moderator

Nick Finberg – Moderator

Technical marketing writer at Siemens Digital Industries Software

The Battery Podcast Podcast

The Battery Podcast

The Battery Podcast from Siemens Digital Industries will discuss the challenges and advancements of the battery industry, from mining to recycling, with its continued growth to support transport electrification and energy storage. You will hear from Siemens experts, leading companies, our customers and partners, talking about key challenges of the industry and how to overcome them.  Listen in to learn more about how battery industry is looking to transform with digitalization to enable the development and large-scale manufacturing of safe and sustainable battery technologies of today and tomorrow.

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