Accelerating Battery Manufacturing with Siemens and Capgemini – Ep. 9

By Nick Finberg

Building battery capacity and gigafactories around the world is a race. And much like racers, businesses looking to capitalize on the growing market need preparation and a good team to take a win. To talk about the race to expand capacity in the battery industry, our host and Senior Director of Battery Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software – Puneet Sinha – sat down with Pierre Bagnon, the Head of the Intelligent Industry Accelerator within Capgemini.

This episode of the Battery Podcast was originally from an industry event, but the conversation between Puneet and Bagnon was too important not to share with our audience. We hope you enjoy another show discussion on the battery industry.

What you’ll learn:

  • [4:00] Specific challenges to battery beyond scaling quickly
  • [7:56] Even with a built gigafactory, production is a complex challenge
  • [11:49] A gigafactory in new regions relies on new production networks as well
  • [13:21] Central to a holistic approach is a comprehensive solution

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Puneet Sinha - Host

Puneet Sinha – Host

Senior Director of Battery Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Pierre Bagnon - Guest

Pierre Bagnon – Guest

Executive Vice President | Global Head of Intelligent Industry Accelerator & Gigafactory, Battery sector

Nick Finberg - Moderator

Nick Finberg – Moderator

Technical marketing writer at Siemens Digital Industries Software

The Battery Podcast Podcast

The Battery Podcast

The Battery Podcast from Siemens Digital Industries will discuss the challenges and advancements of the battery industry, from mining to recycling, with its continued growth to support transport electrification and energy storage. You will hear from Siemens experts, leading companies, our customers and partners, talking about key challenges of the industry and how to overcome them.  Listen in to learn more about how battery industry is looking to transform with digitalization to enable the development and large-scale manufacturing of safe and sustainable battery technologies of today and tomorrow.

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