The application of Model-Based Systems Engineering – SysML provides an MBSE component for verification and mass adoption – ep. 11

In the last episode, we discussed the tools that an engineer or system architects might use in their day-to-day operations,…

2022 Wilson Research Study

2022 Wilson Research Study – The Current Trends in ASIC Design Verification Technology pt. 2 of 2

An increase in the complexity of designs has led to the adoption of more advanced technology in verification. This is…

The Complexities of Modern Automotive Software

Software is now a critical component of nearly every modern vehicle. Consumers demand more high-tech features to be incorporated into their cars; therefore, software content has grown. This transition towards a software-defined vehicle is also causing rapid growth in vehicle complexity.

2022 Wilson Research Study ep3

2022 Wilson Research Study – The Current Trends in ASIC Design and Verification pt. 1 of 2

Increased electrification and customization have significantly increased the complexity of ASIC hardware design and verification.  This has resulted in many…

Getting Started with 3D IC

Getting Started with 3D IC – ep. 7

3D IC designs are complex puzzles that engineers have to solve to achieve high performance and reliability. While vertical stacking…

2022 Wilson Research Study ep2

2022 Wilson Research Study – The Current Trends in FPGA verification ep. 2

The increased complexity in FPGA design has also increased the complexity of the verification process. Organizations are now looking to…

model based matters podcast series

MBSE is the modern solution for industrial complexity and sustainability – Model Based Matters ep. 10

The rapid growth of complexity across the industry pushes many businesses to reevaluate their approaches to developing products and processes….

AI Spectrum – Examining the Benefits of AI Powered Generative Design

As AI gets smarter, it will play an increasing role in designing new products. This change will take many forms,…

2022 Wilson Research Study ep. 1

2022 Wilson Research Study – The Growing Complexity in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) ep. 1

Increased complexity is one of the biggest problems that manufacturers are currently dealing with. One of the biggest causes of…