Building George Jetson’s Car Part Two – Inside Advanced Air Mobility

By Quinn Foster

Advanced air mobility (AAM) is a new classification of aircraft that can provide a new form of aerial transportation for short distances, with a wide range of applications. Even better, it might even see use within the next decade thanks to multiple companies developing their own AAM vehicle programs. Of course, developing and operating a new type of aircraft is bound to run into new obstacles. What can be done to assist companies in navigating them?

In this episode, Todd Tuthill, Vice President of A&D for Siemens Digital Industries Software, continues his introduction of the concept of AAM. After reiterating the four key challenges companies working in AAM will be facing he then describes how digital transformation can help companies overcome the hurdles of AAM development, and how such a digital transformation would be different for legacy aerospace companies and newer AAM startups.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The most significant challenges for AAM programs
  • How digital transformation can bolster AAM development
  • How digital transformation will be different between new startups and established A&D companies
Talking Aerospace Today Podcast Podcast

Talking Aerospace Today Podcast

The A&D Industry is at a serious inflection point. Transformation to the digital enterprise has opened up a new era in innovation and technological breakthroughs. However, complexity and compliance continue to hamper the best of efforts.

Join us as we explore how Siemens is turning complexity into a competitive advantage for many of our customers – today and well into tomorrow.

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