The Future of batteries in Europe – Ep. 10

By Nick Finberg

Batteries are playing a role in electrification around the world and manufacturing is growing to meet that demand, both quantitatively and regionally. Manufacturers and innovators like Skeleton Technologies are working to create industry knowledge outside of the traditional centers for battery manufacturing. Digital tools and integrated processes are part of the solution.

In this episode of the Battery Podcast, Marc Deyda sits down with Taavi Madiberk, the CEO and Co-Founder at Skeleton Technologies to talk about battery manufacturing in Europe. They walk through the challenges and successes of growing from a small research lab to what Skeleton Technologies is doing today.

What you’ll learn:

  • [1:37] Why manufacture batteries in Central Europe?
  • [5:03] Making a niche in a growing industry
  • [9:13] The role of IoT in successful battery manufacturing
  • [18:30] Hardware and software are inseparable

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Marc Deyda - Host

Marc Deyda – Host

Head of Strategy & Communication Battery at Siemens

Taavi Madiberk - Guest

Taavi Madiberk – Guest

CEO & Co-Founder at Skeleton Technologies, EIC Board Member

Nick Finberg - Moderator

Nick Finberg – Moderator

The Battery Podcast Podcast

The Battery Podcast

The Battery Podcast from Siemens Digital Industries will discuss the challenges and advancements of the battery industry, from mining to recycling, with its continued growth to support transport electrification and energy storage. You will hear from Siemens experts, leading companies, our customers and partners, talking about key challenges of the industry and how to overcome them.  Listen in to learn more about how battery industry is looking to transform with digitalization to enable the development and large-scale manufacturing of safe and sustainable battery technologies of today and tomorrow.

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