How AI is accelerating design space exploration – Part 2

By Spencer Acain

Bringing AI into the fold isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even knowing when and where it makes sense to apply it can prove challenging and once potential applications are identified, building trust in the model is also a critical factor. These are common challenges faced by AI applications in every industry and while the solutions each one reaches will be unique, they all share some commonalities.

In this episode, host Spencer Acain is joined once again by Dr. Gabriel Amine-Eddine, Technical Product Manager for the HEEDS Design Exploration Team, to continue discussing the creation of HEEDS AI Boost and how such a complex tool can find its place in industry.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What prompted the creation of HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor? (0:43)
  • How uncertainty-aware AI can build trust (6:24)
 Dr. Gabriel Amine-Eddine

Dr. Gabriel Amine-Eddine

Product Manager for Simcenter Reduced Order Modeling and HEEDS Design Space Exploration

Spencer Acain

Spencer Acain

Technical Writer for Global Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software

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