NX CAM expertise helps customers reduce cost and downtime

By Gary Wu

WISDOM ENGINEERING SERVICES CORP is a Smart Expert solution partner located in Taiwan who specializes in NX CAM. One of their long-term customers, TONG TAI MACHINE & tool Co., Ltd, is an industrial machine manufacturer with more than 345 million US dollars annual revenue and 760 employees.

They faced challenges in their system engineering and Mechatronics area for a long time and wanted to become a systems integrator in the automotive industry and expand their portfolio including the PCB machine and laser machine. But whenever he encountered cross-system integration in the physical machine platform, it was quite time-consuming and affected their customer delivery time negatively.

The other problem was that when there was a product-related issue after the computer numerical control (CNC) machine equipment, for example, was delivered to the client, each product line expert had to go on a business trip to the client to resolve the problems.

Simulation software tests conditions remotely reducing travel and downtime

As an NX CAM Smart Expert partner, Wisdom Engineering Services used NX CAM on the single-station machine action to simulate conditions to understand whether or not the planned production was in alignment with the customer’s needs and could quickly estimate more accurate requirements. Together with the Tecnomatix Plant simulation, they also can propose alternatives to the production line plant to accommodate estimated capacity and anticipate any production bottlenecks.

With Tecnomatix Process simulation that simulates the rationality of the entire production line action, engineers can modify the design of the software if there is a problem with the machine action to reduce the adjustment cost of real machine assembly. This new capability is contributing to their business performance and led to increased orders and revenue.

At present, there is no leading player who is using simulation software in industrial machinery industry and TONG TAI MACHINE & tool co. Ltd as a leader in this the automotive industry in Taiwan.

Gary Wu is responsible for engineering consulting services and post-sales counseling planning at Wisdom Engineering Services Corp.

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