Partner perspective from Hannover Messe 2022

By Kevin Morbach

A visit to the world’s largest industrial fair, Hannover Messe, would be incomplete without stopping by the Siemens booth. Attendees were treated to a virtual 3D showroom (which is still available online) and a physical booth that provided the chance to explore the pressing topics driving industrial transformation – everything from sustainability and profitability to efficiency and quality. This year, Siemens Digital Industries Software was joined by partner d.u.h. Group, which highlighted how its expertise with Siemens Xcelerator portfolio is helping solve the challenges commonly faced by many medium-sized businesses.

Every industry faces rapidly changing challenges, and automation and digitalization are increasingly relied on to solve them. To this end, Siemens maintains a leadership position due to its industrial prominence and holistic approach to digitalization. Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, for example, provides an end-to-end suite of IoT-enabled hardware and software with services and a powerful partner ecosystem.

The d.u.h. Group views itself as a high-performance partner with a passion for engineering excellence. Its offerings range from digitalization consultation to product development and manufacturing solution implementation. d.u.h. Group also develops integrated automation solutions and provides user training.

“Medium-sized companies in particular benefit from the wealth of experience, the tried-and-tested working methods, the consulting and implementation expertise, and the first-class engineering teams,” Kevin Morbach, head of marketing and business development for d.u.h. Group, said.

Addressing tomorrow’s challenges, today

For Hannover Messe, d.u.h. Group focused on three overarching themes: seamless supply chains, the growing shortage of skilled workers and creating a balanced carbon footprint. During an on-stage presentation in Hall 9 with Siemens AG, the company established the connection between the three themes and implementable digital solutions. d.u.h. Group demonstrated how mechatronic development, integrated simulation, end-to-end manufacturing and virtual commissioning can help overcome increasing complexity, avoid developmental errors, maximize manufacturing efficiency and ensure quality.

“At the densely packed booth, we focused on networking,” Morbach said. “In particular, it was about offering visitors the opportunity to talk to experts and like-minded people about today’s challenges, to inspire action, to make initial recommendations for digital solutions, and get to know complementary solutions and new partners from the ecosystem.”

Maintaining the momentum created at Hannover Messe

At the trade show, information was shared, interest was generated and next steps were established. The momentum created at Hannover Messe will be kept alive through digital marketing, especially using social media. LinkedIn serves as a forum to continue the discussion around the three themes discussed at the fair and the four digital approaches used to address them. Prospects and customers will soon benefit from the cross-connections in the wider Siemens ecosystem, and integrations with the low-code platform Mendix.

“If you look at the participation in the Hannover Messe from the perspective of cultivating contacts, networking and initiating communication processes, then it was a great success for us,” Morbach said.

Anyone who missed Hannover Messe can still get to know d.u.h. Group at any time.

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Kevin Morbach is Head of Marketing / Business Development at d.u.h. Group with nine years of experience optimizing business outcomes through innovative process digitalization, consulting and designing digital solutions for medium and large companies in several industries.

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d.u.h. Group is an innovative solution provider with core business areas of engineering and digitalization. d.u.h. Group’s versatile solutions ensure successful digitalization of the entire value chain, from product development processes to manufacturing within companies large and small, even in the most diverse industrial sectors.

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