Why integrate Solid Edge into your ERP system

By Márcio Luiz Buss

The intensive use of enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) is of fundamental importance, together with an engineering area that uses powerful CAD software for its projects, like Solid Edge. The standard procedure for designers is to enter information on their drawings while another person takes the drawings and manually feeds the data contained in the project into the ERP system.

This process is time-consuming, subject to errors that cause delays in material purchases, creates higher inventory costs and problems in production scheduling. So, why do so many companies hesitate to integrate their CAD software with their ERP systems? Several questions arise.

Why integrate your ERP system

Graphic displaying six advantages of integrating CAD software with your ERP system

How do we align Solid Edge project data into an ERP system, e.g., simplify and streamline product registration activities, bills of materials, and manufacturing processes? How can we improve designers’ productivity? In this scenario, it’s necessary to work intensively on developing a solution that aims to integrate CAD software with a company’s ERP system, making this process much faster, more practical, and more effective.

Consider the eCUBUS ERP integration solution

The eCUBUS solution involves adding a set of commands inside Solid Edge that communicates bi-directionally and in real-time with the ERP system. eCUBUS reads and writes information in Solid Edge and the ERP system, generating reliable information with surprising speed without requiring text files or intermediate spreadsheets. Once the Integrator completes its processing, the data is now ready for use in Solid Edge and the ERP System.

As technology continues to expand, it is necessary for companies to evolve and constantly improve and add new functionalities and routines to this integration. The eCUBUS solution has the greatest range of operations thus serving several industrial segments and management systems.

Customer testimonial

Customer Success eCUBUS and Solid Edge

If you are a designer, engineer, manager, or administrator of your company, watch this video and contact Cubus Soluções to understand how you can benefit from integrating Solid Edge with your ERP system.

Demo of eCUBUS integration of Solid Edge and ERP system

Márcio Luiz Buss is a mechanical engineer and CEO at Cubus Soluções with more than 20 years of design experience and industrial activities. Cubus Soluções is a startup specialized in developing technologies to integrate CAD platforms into ERP systems with a team of engineers and programmers highly dedicated to Engineering 4.0. As a Siemens Digital Industries Software Software and Technology Partner, Cubus Soluções is among the leaders in their domain leveraging the open Xcelerator portfolio to provide customers with a comprehensive set of integrated solutions.

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