What’s New in NX for Manufacturing (June 2020) [VIDEO]

By Sashko Kurciski

We are excited to announce the latest version of NX for Manufacturing, our comprehensive software suite that automates and connects end-to-end production processes, accelerating part manufacturing.

The new capabilities in NX enable faster CNC programming, higher machining efficiency, and streamlined 3D printing job preparation. The enhanced CMM inspection programming tools further automate the creation of inspection paths for improved part quality.

Read more about the new features in NX for Manufacturing below.


NX CAM software provides advanced CNC programming capabilities for a wide range of jobs – from 2.5-axis milling and turning to high-speed machining and multi-axis milling and robotic operations.

Report Shortest tool streamlines programming of parts with deep features, ensuring collision-free milling operations. It helps you use shorter tools to minimize tool deflections resulting in more stable machining and improved surface quality.

NX CAM automatically calculates the shortest tool length for safe and efficient machining of parts with deep features

Watch this short demonstration video to see how you can use the Report Shortest Tool capability to quickly create efficient milling operations using tools with optimal length.

Smooth Transitions helps you generate optimized, smooth transitions between rest milling’s cutting passes, enabling use of higher feedrates and improved machining conditions, reducing machining time.

NX CAM Rest Milling operation targets uncut material in corners
To speed up the machining of remaining material, NX CAM generates optimized toolpaths with smooth transition moves that connect the cutting passes

The 3-axis Guiding Curves, an advanced finishing method, can now calculate toolpaths with contact points significantly faster, shortening the programming time of complex parts.

Output toolpaths containing contact points faster using the latest version of NX CAM

NX Additive Manufacturing

NX Additive Manufacturing software offers comprehensive capabilities, from design to print to post-print validation, in a single integrated system.  

Copy / Paste of Parts and Supports enables quick positioning of multiple parts with their support structures in the build tray.

Quickly position parts and their supporting structures in the build tray using the new capabilities in NX Additive Manufacturing

Additive Multi-Track Buildup is a new operation that streamlines the programming of multi-axis parts with near constant wall thickness. By using a constant number of additive beads, this new capability ensures a consistent thickness and height.

Rapidly program parts with walls of consistent thickness using the new Multi-Track Buildup function in NX Additive Manufacturing

Apply Rules enables defined events to be inserted into a multi-axis additive operation based on time or distance. This allows for different multi-axis additive technologies to insert rules or commands specific to their unique requirements.

Tilt Tool Axis on Finish Passes allows for proven NX multi-axis functionality to control the 5-axis movement of finish paths within operations. This allows for complete collision checking, as well as smooth multi-axis output, allowing for a higher quality output on the additive machine.

NX CMM Inspection Programming

NX CMM Inspection Programming software provides advanced capabilities that helps you automate programming, while using the latest inspection methods.

Boundary scan curve on plane automatically generates inspection paths for tactile scanning, enabling faster and more accurate part inspection. By eliminating geometry creation, such as those used by traditional CMM inspection systems, it standardizes the process and speeds up inspection programming.

Automate CMM programming of the most common part features using the new Boundary Scan Curve method available in the latest version of NX CMM Inspection Programming

Path order optimization helps you output the most time efficient inspection program with a single click. It optimizes the program for probe changes, head angles, and it minimizes the distance between paths.

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