Siemens NX CAM software powers precision in electric vehicle part manufacturing [article]

Check out the recent article published by the American Machinist, About collaborative innovation in automotive part manufacturing. It shows how NX CAM collaborate with industry partner and enhanced quality and productivity through integrated CMM inspection programming.

Image of an excavator, an example of a machine produced by heavy equipment manufacturers, on a construction site.

How heavy equipment companies achieve zero-defect manufacturing in part production

In this blog, we discuss how heavy equipment companies can utilize integrated digital manufacturing solutions (including advanced CAD/CAM software) to achieve zero-defect part manufacturing.


Merging Tradition and Technology: The NX CAM Recipe for the Perfect Steel Gingerbread Man

As December ushers in the holiday cheer and our new NX for Manufacturing release, we draw parallels between the intricacies of crafting a flawless gingerbread man and the precision needed in part manufacturing. Imagine sculpting this iconic figure, not in dough, but in steel – an ambitious endeavor that our engineers embraced using NX CAM software,

Hidden champion of digitalization [ARTICLE]

How can a small part manufacturing company compete globally? Many manufacturers are faced with this question as the future of…

Jiangyin Wilson boosts CNC machine utilization rate

Jiangyin Wilson Precision Equipment is a Chinese company operating in the industrial machinery industry. It provides high-end machining solutions for…

GROB real part production with automotive CNC machining

GROB automates manufacturing of CNC machines for the automotive industry

GROB automates the manufacturing of CNC machine tools and production systems in the automotive industry with Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio.

What’s New in NX: Live YouTube Premiere!

The latest version of NX is getting special treatment this year. We’ll be hosting a YouTube Premiere for the new…

The 3-axis Guiding Curves finishing operations now supports bull nose tools to improve part quality and minimize benchwork.

What’s New in NX for Manufacturing (December 2021)

The holiday season is upon us, and this year we’re gifting a new release of NX for Manufacturing! With the…

Perfecting Machining at Rolls-Royce Defense with NX CAM

Machining companies in today’s industry are constantly searching for new, innovative ways to reduce machining time and improve tool life….