Jiangyin Wilson boosts CNC machine utilization rate

Jiangyin Wilson Precision Equipment is a Chinese company operating in the industrial machinery industry. It provides high-end machining solutions for…

Rahul Garg at Siemens IMTS 2022

Video Interview with Automation World: The Closed-Loop Digital Environment at IMTS 2022 

Attending IMTS 2022 was bigger and better than ever before. Watch the video interview with industry-leading publication, Automation World, about our closed-loop digital environment booth experience.

NX CMM Inspection_Siemens at IMTS2022

NX CMM Inspection Programming Stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

At IMTS 2022, we showcase how to close the loop on the final production phase for a light weight EV component. Hear from Siemens experts as we transition to the quality control stage using the NX CMM Inspection Programming Software to ensure that the part is within tolerances and ready for assembly.

CNC Machining on the shop floor stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

CNC Machining on the Shop Floor Stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

As we transition from the CNC programming to the machining stage at IMTS 2022, we send our verified NC programs, generated by NX CAM, directly to the DTM machine. Hear from Siemens expert, Chris Pollack about the optimized production on the shop floor.

NX CAM Siemens at IMTS2022

CNC Programming, Machining Simulation and Shop Floor Connectivity Stage- Siemens at IMTS 2022

At IMTS 2022, experience the end-to-end digital manufacturing production process for a next generation EV component. In this episode, hear from Siemens expert who demonstrates how to NC program the 3D printed EV car component using the NX for Manufacturing solution.

Barbara Humpton at IMTS2022

Video Interview with Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens USA, About the Power of Digital Manufacturing

Watch the interview with Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens USA at IMTS 2022 where we discussed her unique industry insights from glocalization to unlocking the power of the digital thread.

Adam Hiller_Additive IMTS2022

Design and Additive Manufacturing Stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

At IMTS 2022, we’re helping manufacturers bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds by boosting productivity with digital twin technology. Hear from Siemens expert, Adam Hiller, about how using NX topology optimization and additive manufacturing helped us reduce the weight of a critical steering part by 45%.


The digital-to-real manufacturing demonstration at IMTS 2022

The journey toward a full digital twin is now complete. Join Siemens at IMTS 2022 and witness the digital-to-real manufacturing demonstration for a light weighted EV component.


The Advanced Production of an EV Component at IMTS 2022

IMTS 2022 is almost here! Experience an immersive digitalization demonstration of a next-gen component for an electric vehicle using digital twin technology.