Digital Twin Technology in Action at IMTS 2022

By Kelly Gallagher

We were thrilled to be back at IMTS 2022, the leading destination for the latest manufacturing technology. As part of our exhibit, we featured how digital twin technology can help boost productivity for manufacturers through an on-demand digitalization demonstration for a lightweight component in an electric vehicle.

Hear from Rahul Garg, VP, Industrial Machinery and SMB Program, about how Siemens is paving the way for digitalization so that manufacturers can achieve increased process efficiencies. Garg presents how Siemens digital twin technology delivers an end-to-end solution for boosting manufacturing productivity and performance. The dynamic duo power of Siemens modular software and IoT-enabled hardware helps manufacturers, like you, improve costs, create higher quality parts, and shorten production lead time.

We are really excited about showing the value that Siemens can bring to help them {manufacturers} in that process. The digital twin for engineering to manufacturing is that flywheel that can really help them move and propel at a much faster pace.

Rahul Garg, VP, Industrial Machinery and SMB Program, Siemens

We’re showing manufacturers how we help connect the dots between the additive and subtractive manufacturing steps. From design to production, discover how the integrated NX for Manufacturing solution creates a closed-loop digital environment to accelerate your business potential.

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