NX CAM a leader in G2’s Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software Category

We’re excited to announce that G2 named NX CAM, as a leader in the Computer-Aided Manufacturing software (CAM) category. Check out what NX CAM users have to say about the best CAM software out there.

Rhinestahl_PROLIM_NX CAM

Siemens and its partner network help Rhinestahl AMG thrive [VIDEO]

Discover how an incredible joint effort between Siemens and PROLIM, a Siemens Solution Partner, help Rhinestahl AMG become a global part supplier. 

Modern Machine Shop_Rhinestahl

Rhinestahl AMG boosts efficiency and traceability to grow the business

Discover how NX CAD/CAM empowers a leading part manufacturer in a high-requirement industry leveraging digital manufacturing technologies, such as cloud-based postprocessing and integrated G-code-driven simulation.

Blake_Opcenter IMTS2022

Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling Stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

At IMTS 2022, we featured how manufacturers can improve costs, create higher quality parts, and shorten production lead time through digitalization. In this episode, hear how Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling can optimize the manufacturing process on the shop floor to to ensure on time delivery.

Mike Mannino Siemens IMTS 2022

Manufacturing and Process Planning Stage- Siemens at IMTS 2022

As part of our digital-to-real demonstration at IMTS 2022, hear how we designed, tested, and created a lightweight component for an electric vehicle. The next phase of the production process demonstrates how comprehensive manufacturing plans are developed with Teamcenter software.

Rahul Garg at IMTS 2022

Digital Twin Technology in Action at IMTS 2022

We were thrilled to be back at IMTS 2022, the leading digital destination for the latest manufacturing technology. Hear from Rahul Garg, VP, Industrial Machinery and SMB Program, about how Siemens is paving the way for digitalization so that manufacturers can achieve increased efficiencies.

Rahul Garg at Siemens IMTS 2022

Video Interview with Automation World: The Closed-Loop Digital Environment at IMTS 2022 

Attending IMTS 2022 was bigger and better than ever before. Watch the video interview with industry-leading publication, Automation World, about our closed-loop digital environment booth experience.

NX CMM Inspection_Siemens at IMTS2022

NX CMM Inspection Programming Stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

At IMTS 2022, we showcase how to close the loop on the final production phase for a light weight EV component. Hear from Siemens experts as we transition to the quality control stage using the NX CMM Inspection Programming Software to ensure that the part is within tolerances and ready for assembly.

CNC Machining on the shop floor stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

CNC Machining on the Shop Floor Stage – Siemens at IMTS 2022

As we transition from the CNC programming to the machining stage at IMTS 2022, we send our verified NC programs, generated by NX CAM, directly to the DTM machine. Hear from Siemens expert, Chris Pollack about the optimized production on the shop floor.