Crisis engineering: Die-Tech & Engineering joins the race for ventilators in the coronavirus pandemic

All in 4 and a half days. Read more on how Die-Tech & Engineering was able to accomplish this feat.

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The Design Alliance: Electronic and Mechanical

An electro-mechanical design advantage could be a deciding factor for success now and for years to come

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Talking Electromechanical Design on the Next Generation Design Podcast

When we think of the future, technology is the first thing that comes to mind. Technology is everywhere; where there…

Next Generation Design Podcast

Podcast Launch Day: Next Generation Design, where engineering meets tomorrow.

Today marks the launch of the Next Generation Design Podcast. The next generation of design brings with it, artificial intelligence…

NX Community Spotlight: Katherine Stevenson

Katherine Stevenson teaches b asic and advanced NX design courses including; engineering principles per ASME & ANSI drawing specifications, visualizing and 3D spatial awareness, engineering desig…