NX Student Edition Free Download

We are bringing you the most powerful and integrated Design, Simulation, and Manufacturing software for free. Kick-start your design career with this free student edition trial of NX!

Stuck inside? Wanting to explore software that the most innovative companies around the globe are using to design, simulate, and manufacture their products? Then try our NX software for free here.

What’s included in the trial?

  • Comprehensive 3D design tools including wire-frame, surface, solid, and synchronous modeling
  • Full suite of CAM programming tools to allow creation of NC data for 2- to 5-axis and wire-edm machine tools
  • Sophisticated freeform shape modeling, surface continuity, analysis, and visualization tools
  • Output to 3D printing format supported

How to access

  • Visit our download page here
  • Sign up with an account. You can either create your own, or sign in with your Google or LinkedIn account
  • Confirm your email address
  • Download NX and start designing

Trial Restrictions

  • Watermarks are added to printed and plotted data, to prevent the NX Student Edition from being used for commercial work
  • Part files created in NX Student Edition cannot be retrieved in a commercial version of NX, but can be retrieved in the full academic packages available to educational establishments
  • CAM data is not available for post-processing, and the displayed output of tool path information has limited precision

We are extremely excited to provide a free version of NX to you, and we can’t wait to hear what you can accomplish with NX. If you are curious on what our customers are creating with NX, please take a look at our Digital Journeys article where we showcase customers of ours who are taking full advantage of NX.

User of Simcenter 3D? See how Simcenter 3D is providing free training courses for students and educators here.


33 thoughts about “NX Student Edition Free Download
  • The read-me file states that Learning Edition has an expiration date. After that date can I re-new the license or would I not be able to use the software anymore?

  • Siemens NX Student Edition Free is an amazing Learning Version of Siemens NX. For teaching first time CAD users I prefer Siemens NX Student Edition Free interface over Academic Version, it is simpler and cleaner. And, for students, have anytime a customized version of Siemens NX that runs “light-speed” in home PCs and laptops its a warranty of engagement with their school projects.
    I would like next update includes PDF export and Printing, that are both available in Academic Version, not even it includes the “Student Edition” label out the borders of the template.
    I really wish Siemens confirms, soon, license will be renewable after the expiration date stated in read-me files.

      • Disappointing not being able to print but using “screen print” or some other work around like “snipping tool”
        produces reasonable prints.
        Fusion 360 prints so I don’t know why NX has blocked this option.

    • monujitreang27:

      If it still works to you.
      1. Right click over a free area of the top menu (before de command finder box).
      2. If it is unselected or deselected, check “top border bar”. There is the menu (pulldown menu).

      Best regards. FG

  • Siemens NX 1980 series was released on 2021.06.17, I was expecting NX 1980 Series Student Edition on finals of August. Any of you could already download NX 1980 Series Student Edition?

    And another question, any of you had been able to use sketch auto dimension in NX 1953 Series Student Edition?

    I was able to use it in NX 1926 Series Student Edition. But, to me, it is not available in NX 1953 Series Student Edition.

  • Hello NX Student Edition Users & Reviewers.

    Is “NX 1980 Series Student Edition” already the newest version of NX Student Edition?

    Best Regards.

  • Buenas,
    He descargado la versión de estudiante. Pero en la instalación me da el siguiente mensaje de error:
    “No se puede instalar por que no puede correr o encontrar algún archivo .dll ”
    Alguien podría ayudarme, ya lo he intentado 3 veces…

    • Puedes necesitar actualizar el Microsoft DOTNET Framework, o algún .DLL de Visual Studio.


      1. Revisar que tu Windows es de 64 bits. Si es de 32 bits no funciona NX Student Edition.
      2. Windows update.
      3. Actualiza Microsoft DOTNET.
      4. A veces, si eso no funciona, instala Visual Studio CODE. Eso actualiza algunos .DLL de Visual Studio.
      5. Si todo eso no funciona… Levanta un caso en la página de “Support SW Siemens”.

      Te deseo éxito.

  • Siemens NX 2007 Series Student Edition was released (Friday, 2022.04.15). The installer file SiemensNXStudentEdition-2019_2501_wntx64.zip is available to download signing with your student account on “Support SW Siemens” download page.

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  • NX 2007 Student Edition license expired 2/10/2023 according to the ReadMe file. NX doesn’t start anymore, no what ? Will there be a new license file or do I need to download the zip file again and reinstall ?

    • Yes, in the “SiemensNXStudentEdition-2019_March_2022.README.txt” you can read:
      NX Student Edition
      2019 (2007-series)
      Windows (64 Bit)
      Issued: March 2022, license expires 10-Feb-2023

      The question is or my question is: Will there be a new NX student version? Or Is this the end of the NX student? …

      My experience at the University has been well. The students use the “full” capability of the Academic license in the University, and at home, they can continue working in the modules of a student license. Now, they can only work from home with a VPN connection with the University, which has less flexibility.

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