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By Katarina

We are innovators. As our world continues to advance, we will be on the front line driving this change. We are dreamers. We dream to inspire, and to connect the world through technological discoveries. We believe in ideas. An idea can change a person, a person can change their team, and a team can change the world. 

Dive deeper into the world of change with us as we take a look at NX around the world. From helping to secure the lives on treacherous slopes, to cutting through waves and revolutionizing the surfboard industry, NX is the software that makes all of the difference, and is put to test daily by some of our amazing customers. Black Diamond, Princess Yachts, Firewire Surfboards, Electra Meccanica, Michigan Solar Car, and Callaway Golf are prime examples of the innovation we strive for and are featured in our Digital Journey.

Watch the videos below to discover more about the specialization behind each product. (3).jpg

Black Diamond- Climbing Gear

Black Diamond engineers explain how they’ve merged the form and function of climbing gear to earn buyer loyalty and the trust of the world’s greatest climbers—like Tommy Caldwell, who made the toughest free climb in history when he scaled Yosemite’s Dawn Wall. NX software helped unify industrial design and engineering for gear that’s beautiful enough to attract buyers, light enough to carry, and strong enough save lives.

Princess Yachts: 

Nick Williamson (Director of development) and Michal Tomaszczyk (Lead NVH Engineer) explain how NX, Teamcenter, and Simcenter Testing Solutions, support the artisanal production experience that is at the core of this market-leading luxury yacht manufacturer.


Firewire CEO Mark Price and his team explain how they’re using NX design software to help revolutionize the surfboard industry. The company has created template-based models that enable fast customization, automated manufacturing and eco-friendly construction. The result: high-performance boards that inspire world-class surfers while protecting the plane.

Electra Meccanica-three wheel, one passenger electric car: 

Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica designed, simulated, and manufactured its new three-wheel, single-passenger SOLO electric car in two years. The three-wheel car was produced by a lean team of young engineers—and Siemens NX and Simcenter software.

Michigan Solar Car- University of Michigan Solar Car Team: 

After its closest finish to first place in history, the University of Michigan Solar Car team decides that instead of taking the safe path of incremental innovation, their best chance at victory depended on a radical approach to vehicle design. Using Siemens PLM software for development, manufacturing, structural analysis, and aerodynamic simulation, Michigan Solar Car heads to Australia with Novum, a disruptive “small car” innovation.

Callaway Golf: 

Callaway Golf has accelerated design by prototyping and testing all of its clubs with the help of a Teamcenter innovation platform, NX CAD, and CAM and CAE software. Today, Callaway develops clubs in months that used to take years—and they’re leading the industry’s innovation race. The result: golf clubs that are lighter to swing, faster on arrival at the ball and easier to hit the sweet spot.

We learned how Black Diamond  helps climbers like Tommy Caldwell complete their goals. Just as Tommy comlpeted the toughest climb in history, we will contiue to climb as well. Innovation is a mountain which has no peak, which has no end, but only has possibilities.

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