Globalizing Medical Device Operations to Suit Consumer Culture

Medical Device Industry Trends The Healthcare industry is in the midst of transformative change that is challenging Medical Device manufacturers….

The Design Alliance: Design Intent Validation

Narrow down to what has to be changed to capture the electrical or mechanical requirements as well as the design intent. Learn how here

Aerion Supersonic: The world’s first environmentally responsible supersonic aircraft

Aerion’s AS2 is the first-ever privately built supersonic commercial aircraft. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible, the AS2 is the first supersonic aircraft with the ability to accept 100 percent synthetic fuel. It is also the first to be designed without an afterburner. Using Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio, Aerion can use advanced design and simulation software to speed aircraft development, as well as achieve superior levels of performance in flight and excellence in operations.

Podcast: The Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing During COVID-19

What has COVID-19 meant for additive manufacturing? Has this crisis helped push it into the industrialization stage? Additive manufacturing has…

Structure Designer Walk-through

See here for a demonstration on the all new Structure Designer with NX

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Get your replays in now if you missed our event!

University Students on NX Sketch

University students from Purdue and Michigan State share their thoughts on NX Sketch. Watch here

PODCAST: Collaborative Design Management – A Backbone for Communication

A business with a successful collaborative design management process in place is able to say, “I know exactly where my…

2020 Edison Award Winner | Industrializing Additive Manufacturing with HP Inc.

Siemens and HP use CFD-driven optimization to design a revolutionary cooling duct 75% faster than the traditional process.