Globalizing Medical Device Operations to Suit Consumer Culture

By Julianne Bass

Medical Device Industry Trends

The Healthcare industry is in the midst of transformative change that is challenging Medical Device manufacturers. Demographics are shifting toward an aging and growing global population that results in the highest growth rates for medical care in emerging countries & regions with the least ability to pay, but with the same chronic disease patterns as seen in more wealthy countries.

To capture this growth, Medical Device firms are globalizing their operations across the entire enterprise, affecting all functions.

Meanwhile, Consumer culture is causing patients to be more involved in treatment plans and buying decisions, and healthcare workers to be more demanding for usability and technology on par with consumer products such as mobile phones.

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Medical Devices and Electronical Design

This electrical and electronic content increase in medical devices is creating new packaging challenges from things like batteries, high-voltage wiring, and sensors. Not only do companies have to worry about fitting these components, they also have to be able to manage the complexities of heat generation within the device itself due to the internal electrical components. And then there’s the issue of disjointed mechanical and electrical design systems. This create issues with lost information, limited traceability and visibility of the impact of changes when teams are working within silos.

Due to the increased demand for complex and highly customized products involving mechanical, electrical and software systems, the need for an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to product design is essential.

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