NX Consultant in the Energy Industry | NX Early Access Program Interview Series

Ken Walker is a NX Consultant at Siemens Energy. Experienced with NX throughout the years, he lays out what he…

Design for Purpose: HEEDS Design Exploration Study

This article comes to us from Hannah Pinales. Hannah is a Strategic Student Co-op here on the Product Engineering Software organization here at Siemens Digital Industries. It is the fourth of five articles that highlight the full product development workflow that Siemens DISW equips users with in order to design for sustainable awareness.

The future of manufacturing and the role of 3D printing

Over the next 5 to 10 years, new technologies will play a significant role in reshaping how we design and…

NX Sketch: Advanced Topics

In this NX Sketch demonstration we look at various advanced topics in the new NX Sketch.

NX Mach Series Add-On Modules

Want to know about all the add-on modules that NX has to offer? Explore and learn more here.

Latest NX Update: Breaking down the barriers to innovation

See what’s new to NX here…Achieve cutting edge innovation with tools built from the ground-up as the next step in design evolution.

Additive Fertigung industrialisieren – Vorteile für die Automobilindustrie

Die Additive Fertigung bietet durch neue Konstruktions- und Fertigungsansätze zahlreiche Vorteile für die Automobilindustrie. Damit revolutioniert die additive Fertigung den industriellen Herstellung…

Additive Fertigung industrialisieren – Vorteile im Maschinenbau

Die additive Fertigung gewinnt im Maschinenbau zunehmend an Bedeutung. Schließlich bietet die additive Fertigung zahlreiche Vorteile und Möglichkeiten für die Konstruktion und Fertigung im Maschinenb…

How Additive Manufacturing Combines Design, Manufacturing, and Simulation

By design, NX creates a holistic system that combines all elements of the design process.  This forms the foundation for NX’s game-changing additive manufacturing capabilities, wh…