Digital Mock-up Walk-through

The new DMU capabilities in this release greatly expand the DMU workflows supported by NX and bring it all together under an intelligent view behavior which provides a clear and easy-to-follow markup experience

Electrolux: Shape living for the better

Magnus Edholm, Head of Marketing Digital Enterprise and Giovanni Pacini, the Global Director of Digital Industrial Operations of Electrolux discuss how Siemens technologies can support the white goods producer to stay competitive, improve customer experience and remain innovative.

Aerion Supersonic: The world’s first environmentally responsible supersonic aircraft

Aerion’s AS2 is the first-ever privately built supersonic commercial aircraft. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible, the AS2 is the first supersonic aircraft with the ability to accept 100 percent synthetic fuel. It is also the first to be designed without an afterburner. Using Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio, Aerion can use advanced design and simulation software to speed aircraft development, as well as achieve superior levels of performance in flight and excellence in operations.

Lazer Helmets is known for engineering innovation and design sophistication.

Lazer Helmets pushes the limits of helmet design with digital twins

Motorcycle helmet design usually doesn’t pop to mind when you are talking about digital twins. But then, you haven’t met…

Why A Model Based Design Approach Really Is An Advantage

In a model based design enterprise the upstream process is just as important as what happens downstream. How is information…

Sketching in CAD – then and now

The biggest leap forward in CAD Sketching technology since it was first introduced to the market

University Students on NX Sketch

University students from Purdue and Michigan State share their thoughts on NX Sketch. Watch here

NX Sketch Interview

Siemens Product Engineering Software’s Mike Yoder and Laurie Mcallister sit down to explain the all new NX Sketch. The new…

Latest NX Update: Breaking down the barriers to innovation

See what’s new to NX here…Achieve cutting edge innovation with tools built from the ground-up as the next step in design evolution.