University Students on NX Sketch

University students from Purdue and Michigan State share their thoughts on NX Sketch. Watch here

NX Sketch Interview

Siemens Product Engineering Software’s Mike Yoder and Laurie Mcallister sit down to explain the all new NX Sketch. The new…

Latest NX Update: Breaking down the barriers to innovation

See what’s new to NX here…Achieve cutting edge innovation with tools built from the ground-up as the next step in design evolution.

Culture and Technology | A Shift for the MBD Journey

Paul Brown of Siemens sits down with Allan Behrens of Taxal to discuss the MBD Journey with culture and tech.

Special note from Bob Haubrock | Realize LIVE

Bob Haubrock’s special note to users and customers of NX for this years REALIZE LIVE

Re-igniting the dream of space

“Today was about getting people fired about the future”

2020 Edison Award Winner | Industrializing Additive Manufacturing with HP Inc.

Siemens and HP use CFD-driven optimization to design a revolutionary cooling duct 75% faster than the traditional process.

The Design Alliance: The Right Software

Choosing the right software solution for electronics and mechanical design will show what businesses succeed or lag behind. We got you covered

NX for Shipbuilding

Your shipbuilding solution for tomorrow