Design Excellence in Medical Device: Digital Evidence

“Digital Evidence to reduce costly physical tests and iterate quickly through Verification and Validation as part of our Design Excellence series for Medical Devices”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Comprehensive Risk Management

“traceability, application, & decision support through Requirements, Design, and Verification & Validation”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Design File Integrity

“accessible, integrated, high quality data throughout the product lifecycle for trusted compliance and product maintenance”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Robust, Concurrent Design

“enable quick domain specific progress with highly capable design tools for efficient cross-domain workflow merges”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Advanced Design & Re-Use

“Using a true digital twin, the stage is set for comprehensive, data based, re-use of your product development assets and processes with advanced design tool support”

Design Excellence in Medical Device and Why?

“Design Excellence for medical devices achieves complexity mastery through a digital twin on top of traditional design controls to enable agility and compliance”

A More Intelligent Approach to Design Controls

“transfer knowledge and know-how out of documents and experts’ minds, and into explicit, linked, and searchable data and process constructs.”