How additive manufacturing is shaping the future of medical devices

Additive manufacturing is transforming medical device production. From custom implants to personalized prosthetics, Siemens’ solutions are driving innovation and improving patient care.

Medical professional wearing a facemask and eyewear holding up a glass vial.

Digital Threads are the key for digital transformation success in the pharma industry

The pharmaceutical industry is embracing the promise of digital transformation. This transformational change is not just about streamlining operations or…

Why design control is essential for medical device development: Overcoming challenges with digital solutions

Discover why design control is essential for medical device development and how digital solutions like Siemens’ PLM for Medical Devices can help overcome common challenges, ensuring safety, compliance and efficiency throughout the device lifecycle.

A medical professional looking at a stack of boxed medication.

Can your machines talk? How the Internet of Things is transforming medical device supply chains

The medical device industry is on the brink of a transformation. Traditional, reactive supply chains are no longer enough. The future lies in intelligent, data-driven systems that can adapt to changing demands and deliver life-saving devices faster and more efficiently.

Scientist wearing protective clothing working on a machine in a medical device manufacturing facility.

Unlock the future of medical device manufacturing: Personalized MES solutions

Embrace the future of personalized MES in medical device manufacturing, where tailored solutions are transforming healthcare.

CES 2024: Innovations in the medical device industry 

CES 2024 is just weeks away and we’re counting down the days till we can share and discover the latest…

Image of medical device syringe pump in hospital room.

The challenges in medical device labeling and UDI

In a recent webinar, industry experts discuss medical device labeling complexities, digital transformation and end-to-end solutions.

Streamline Medical Device Development with PLM – Available Now!

Discover how Siemens PLM for Medical Devices accelerates medical device development, ensuring compliance, and streamlining collaboration across mechanical, electronic and software engineering domains for faster time to market.

Pharmaceutical engineer working in laboratory on the computer

Taking end-to-end Recipe Management in the Pharma Industry to the Next Level

Over the past couple of decades, an increasing number of IT systems are being used to define and document the research and development phases of pharmaceutical products. This comes at a time when the pharma industry is searching for much-needed productivity gains in the R&D processes.