Unlock the future of medical device manufacturing: Personalized MES solutions

By AnnaMary Gualdoni

You’re part of a bustling manufacturing plant, striving for better, faster and more cost-effective ways to produce life-saving medical devices. But your equipment can’t keep up with your ideas.

Now imagine this: a game-changing solution that promises to revolutionize the way you work – a personalized Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It’s more than a fantasy, it’s available now. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches. Today, it’s about tailoring an MES solution to fit your team’s unique needs. No more waiting on highly skilled developers. With a low-code, multi-experience development platform, you gain the power to customize your system to work the way you do. It’s like having a digital toolbox, ready to tackle any manufacturing challenge that comes your way.

Enhance productivity in medical device manufacturing with MES

In the fast-paced world of medical device manufacturing, change is constant. From adapting to new product introductions to tweaking processes, staying ahead of the curve is essential. That’s where a personalized MES solution shines, providing visibility and control over production processes while empowering operators with guided tasks and visual instructions.

But how does it work? Instead of 50 terminals with 50 different user experiences, you gain visibility, control and easier updating as a single unit, including behind-the-scenes track-and-trace activities, error-proofing and more.

With personalized MES solutions, you can streamline workflows, accelerate productivity and adapt quickly to changes.

Empowering high-tech medical device manufacturing

Efficiency is the cornerstone of high-tech medical device manufacturing. And that’s where Siemens MES comes in. Our personalized and adaptable Opcenter Execution solution integrates seamlessly with our versatile Mendix low-code development environment to deliver rapid personalization, configurable workflows and easy cross-domain connectivity of systems and data. You benefit from a tailored solution that empowers your company to optimize processes and maximize efficiency on the shop floor and beyond.

Benefits of personalized and adaptable MES

Increased productivity
• Leverage shop-floor expertise to drive productivity
• Customize and personalize user experience for faster and more flexible changes
• Streamline workflows with single-screen composite apps
• Ensure seamless integration of critical data across systems

Improved quality
• Enable effortless and error-free operations
• Enhance accuracy and efficiency with advanced features like speech-to-text and barcode scanning
• Ensure real-time monitoring and control with seamless connectivity between shop floor and quality systems
• Extend quality control to the field with mobile integration

Accelerated time-to-market
• Optimize deployment and maintenance processes to reduce time to market and maximize margins
• Streamline operations with lean application deployment and industry-specific templates
• Minimize maintenance costs and upgrade complexities with preserved core MES code
• Drive innovation timelines with simplified enterprise system data aggregation and visualization

The future of medical device manufacturing

In the world of medical device manufacturing, Siemens offers adaptable workflows that can handle the different ways of getting things done, whether it’s hand assembly or running batches through the process. And let’s not overlook crucial clean-room operations – enhanced functionality guarantees compliance with stringent regulations.

Our role-based interfaces ensure that every worker is doing their job smoothly with no hiccups. And with real-time monitoring tools, everyone from operators to engineers to executives can keep an eye on how things are going.

Our personalized MES solutions change the game in medical device manufacturing. They’re all about making you quick on your feet, getting things done efficiently and making sure everything is good to go.

The future of making medical devices is here, and it’s all about tailoring things just for you. Ready to explore and make the most of this personalized approach? Check out the resources below to learn more.

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