A medical professional looking at a stack of boxed medication.

Can your machines talk? How the Internet of Things is transforming medical device supply chains

The medical device industry is on the brink of a transformation. Traditional, reactive supply chains are no longer enough. The future lies in intelligent, data-driven systems that can adapt to changing demands and deliver life-saving devices faster and more efficiently.

Scientist wearing protective clothing working on a machine in a medical device manufacturing facility.

Unlock the future of medical device manufacturing: Personalized MES solutions

Embrace the future of personalized MES in medical device manufacturing, where tailored solutions are transforming healthcare.

Three engineers wearing protective eye gear looking at a computer.

Unlock efficiency in medical device design control with PLM

Streamline medical device design control with PLM for Medical Devices. Overcome complexity, ensure compliance and enhance collaboration.

Female engineer wearing lab coat looking at computer of a medical device design

Feeling SaaS-y? Learn how to embrace the complexity of medical device design release with PLM

Learn how SaaS PLM is transforming medical device design release and supporting medical device companies designing the future of healthcare.

Two scientists looking at a screen in medical device development lab

The impact of additive manufacturing on medical device development

Explore the future of medical device development with Siemens. Discover the impact of additive manufacturing and cutting-edge software on medical devices, from prosthetics to implants.

Woman wearing a lab coat and protective eye wear walking through a lab focusing on quality management.

How to unify quality management and compliance for medical devices

Enhance medical device quality seamlessly with Siemens Closed Loop Quality and Compliance. Streamline quality and compliance processes, ensure patient safety and achieve global compliance efficiently. Contact us for a harmonious approach to quality management.

Image of medical device syringe pump in hospital room.

The challenges in medical device labeling and UDI

In a recent webinar, industry experts discuss medical device labeling complexities, digital transformation and end-to-end solutions.

Doctor showing patient how to use smart medical device that connects watch to smart phone.

How connected care safeguards smart medical devices

Connected care improves the reliability, compliance and innovation of smart medical devices.

Computer screen with lungs in the loop simulation

Using the digital twin to address the ventilator shortage during the pandemic

What role does the digital twin play in the medical device industry? Watch the webinar to learn a real world example about how the digital twin and simulation are used in medical device development.