Two scientists looking at a screen in medical device development lab

The impact of additive manufacturing on medical device development

Explore the future of medical device development with Siemens. Discover the impact of additive manufacturing and cutting-edge software on medical devices, from prosthetics to implants.

Woman wearing a lab coat and protective eye wear walking through a lab focusing on quality management.

How to unify quality management and compliance for medical devices

Enhance medical device quality seamlessly with Siemens Closed Loop Quality and Compliance. Streamline quality and compliance processes, ensure patient safety and achieve global compliance efficiently. Contact us for a harmonious approach to quality management.

Doctor showing patient how to use smart medical device that connects watch to smart phone.

How connected care safeguards smart medical devices

Connected care improves the reliability, compliance and innovation of smart medical devices.

Image of ECG monitor in hospital room

Achieving regulatory approval in medical device security

As devices become more connected, regulators play a more prominent role in medical device security by providing guidance for their development and maintenance. Download the white paper to learn more.

Two white males analyzing a prosthetic leg

How to improve medical device design for more comfortable, durable prosthetic limbs

Readily customizable prosthetic devices are becoming more popular in the medical world, and NX makes it easy to deliver these enhancements. To learn more, download the free white paper.

Medical device manufacturing response to COVID-19

The world’s poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted needed changes in medical device manufacturing. Read the article to learn more.

Streamline Medical Device Development with PLM – Available Now!

Discover how Siemens PLM for Medical Devices accelerates medical device development, ensuring compliance, and streamlining collaboration across mechanical, electronic and software engineering domains for faster time to market.

Closed-loop manufacturing is critical in the medical device industry

Let’s dive into the concept of closed-loop manufacturing and how it relates to the digital enterprise and the digital twin.

How an integrated MES can help manufacturers recover from COVID-19

An integrated MES can orchestrate and optimize the production of a finished product based on design, engineering and process data. Learn more.