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Integrate a concept management system for better medical device design control

Learn more about how to integrate a concept management system in your medical device development process for better design control today.

Design Control: Creating a comprehensive history of design authoring

Today, medical device companies face the ultimate dilemma: how to build a comprehensive product innovation program while avoiding slowdowns. The…

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Comprehensive Risk Management

“traceability, application, & decision support through Requirements, Design, and Verification & Validation”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Design File Integrity

“accessible, integrated, high quality data throughout the product lifecycle for trusted compliance and product maintenance”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Robust, Concurrent Design

“enable quick domain specific progress with highly capable design tools for efficient cross-domain workflow merges”

Design Excellence in Medical Device: Advanced Design & Re-Use

“Using a true digital twin, the stage is set for comprehensive, data based, re-use of your product development assets and processes with advanced design tool support”

Design Excellence in Medical Device and Why?

“Design Excellence for medical devices achieves complexity mastery through a digital twin on top of traditional design controls to enable agility and compliance”

A More Intelligent Approach to Design Controls

“transfer knowledge and know-how out of documents and experts’ minds, and into explicit, linked, and searchable data and process constructs.”