What’s new in digitalization for electronics & semiconductor?

By Katie Tormala

As we start 2022, many of us are still left wondering how we can best prepare for the ongoing unpredictable reality. What trends and challenges are likely to be the most significant this year?

Discover how electronics manufacturers can benefit from digitalization across product development, manufacturing and lifecycle processes. Below are some upcoming and recent webinars on these industry trends, as well as newly released electronics and semiconductor content.

How to design better products, faster with electronics design innovation

Digital twin alongside a device with electronic components

Live Webinar: 7 February 2022

Companies that design electronic products often use a serial approach to design with limited collaboration. A design strategy that supports visibility, reuse and control for the entire product is, without a doubt, a smarter way. The question is, how? Find out in this live webinar.

How electronics manufacturers can leverage the growing smart device market

Electronics printed circuit board imagery

On-demand webinar

To take full advantage of the growing electronics market demand, companies need to constantly innovate. But how do you do this without sacrificing product integrity or time to market?

Thermal analysis – influence of variability on electronics reliability

Dual computer screens showing the influence of variability in electronics using thermal analysis

On-demand webinar

This on-demand webinar explores using electronics thermal analysis combined with statistical design space exploration tools to analyze and reduce manufacturing defects.

Additional electronics & semiconductor industry resources

Blog – Smart procurement for supply chain resilience → If there’s one thorn in the side of almost every manufacturer on the planet right now, it’s the supply chain. What’s needed is a strategy re-think; moving procurement upstream.

Video – Simulation-driven design can significantly reduce development time for electronics designers → Learn about how integrated simulation and manufacturing can reduce development time in this short video.

Blog Sustainability in the electronics industry – A hot topic in 2022 and beyond → The electronics industry is receiving increasing scrutiny of its environmental performance. This requires manufacturers to make critical changes.

Video Concurrent electronics and mechanical design of complex consumer products for faster time to market → An integrated approach to electronic product development is essential for organizations to move through the product design process quickly and efficiently.

Blog Electronics manufacturing industry trends in 2022 → What challenges are likely to be the most acute and significant in 2022? Oren Manor defines major trends in the electronics manufacturing industry.

BlogCollaborate more efficiently and accelerate digital handoffs in electronics design → While traditional electronic design silos limit teams, the comprehensive digital twin enables data analysis and simulation across mechanical, electrical and software domains. This single source of truth allows collaboration, data sharing, reuse and control.

eBook – How to guide: A better way to make a single, accurate BOM (Bill of Materials) → Read this ebook and discover how easy it is to ensure everyone is working from the most accurate, up-to-date BOM.

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