What’s new in Xpedition Enterprise release VX.2.13

By David Wiens

The new VX.2.13 release of Xpedition has improvements across three key areas: Layout, data management, and verification.

Improvements in Layout

You can now select and publish multiple Physical Reuse Sources at one time

Teardrops are now properly created when a pad exists at the T-Junction, and the pad diameter is larger than the trace width.

New functionality can be delivered quickly with scripts. For instance, now a key-in allows you to assign the appropriate net to overlapping Net-0 conductive objects.

In addition, you can remove very short trace hangers with a key-in that cleans all hidden hangers from within the design

Improvements in data management

Collaboration improvements in EDM include awareness of the latest version of a design object in the object view panel, manage blocks information presented on one page, and target project using managed blocks.

Two new managed blocks reports are available: Managed blocks usage in projects and projects using managed blocks.

Improvements in verification

The Xpedition AMS P-SPICE converter now supports swapping the limit or sweep values.

The syntax checker was enhanced for performance and to support syntax for resistors, inductors, capacitors, diodes, and more.

Overall VX.2.13 delivers considerable value to Xpedition Enterprise. Download the 2.13 release of Xpedition today!

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