What’s new in PADS Professional release VX.2.13

By Jim Martens

The new VX.2.13 release of PADS Professional has improvements for the following features in PADS Professional layout.

Enhancements to the Physical Reuse solution

You can now select and publish multiple Physical Reuse Sources at one time. There is also an improved Paste Map dialog to easily find target host nets by typing multiple characters or pasting an exact string into the dropdown list. We have also added an “Unplace” command so placed Physical Reuse Instances can easily be unplaced when the Instance is selected.

Improved teardrop support for t-Junctions with pads or vias

Teardrops are properly created when a pad exists at the T-Junction and the pad diameter is larger than the trace width. Previously, the teardrops were created between the pad and the traces and not between the T-Junction traces.

Targeted, efficient connectivity improvements when using net-0 conductive shapes, planes or traces

Keyin “anm” (Assign Net Metal) now allows you assign the appropriate net to overlapping Net-0 conductive objects. Arguments for selected (s) and all (a) are available, for example, running “anm s” after selecting a Net-0 conductive shape that overlaps a NetA via will assign NetA to the conductive shape.

Automation support for Tiebars allows you to easily find all tiebars and their associated properties such as location, layer and shorted net names.

Prevent unintentional, large radius arcs during plow of curved traces

Keyin “plma” sets the min arc angle allowed while plowing curved traces to ensure imperceptible curved traces are not introduced. Preventing large radius arcs ensures an accurate graphical representation of the cleared plane area around arcs.

Remove very short trace hangers within pads

Keyin “chh” cleans all hidden hangers from within pads allows more accurate trace lengths and delay calculations. Short traces will no longer prevent backdrilling of these pads.

PADS Professional VX.2.13

Overall VX.2.13 delivers considerable value across PADS Professional. To learn more and watch a series of demo videos visit the product release highlights for PADS VX.2.13 page.

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