What a Siemens Capital cloud-based deployment offers

By Sarah Bartash

Companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs, reduce risks, improve security, and accelerate the return on technology investments. Organizations can achieve these goals by moving to a cloud-based deployment and using Software as a Service (SaaS) models for engineering systems, among other things.

There are many key benefits to SaaS, including accessibility. With SaaS, workers can access what they need anywhere, from any device. It’s only a matter of finding a web browser. SaaS also allows individuals to work on the same project at the same time as there is no need to have to save a file or upload it somewhere for the next iteration. Users are always working on the latest version.

There are three ways Siemens Capital software may be deployed from the cloud. Each offers different benefits and capabilities:

1. Customer managed (self-managed)

The customer purchases a regular product license from Siemens and their information technology (IT) department or a third party manages the cloud infrastructure. There is no difference in the customization or configuration capabilities from traditional on-premises installations. Customers can implement their specific authentication solutions, fulfill specific regulatory requirements and choose to upgrade as they wish.

2. Siemens managed (managed services)

The managed services team specializes in running Siemens products on the cloud. Customers bring their regular product license and services and work with this team to perform all the customization configuration, authentication and requirements. As with the customer managed offering, customers may implement their specific authentication solutions, fulfill specific regulatory requirements and choose to upgrade as they wish. Siemens Digital Industries Software

3. Hybrid SaaS

A subscription for on-premises products with cloud services. Part of the software is on-premises and part of the software is on the cloud. Siemens operates what is working on the cloud and the customer operates the products. Cloud services complies with industry-leading certifications.

Deploying Capital through a cloud-based solutions provides several benefits for engineers looking to migrate complex architectures to the cloud. Tthere are Several factors to consider before deciding on the best cloud delivery method for each organization. Read more in our white paper→ Cloud-based software – challenges and opportunities of transitioning to SaaS or watch the webinar→ Holistic Engineering: How to Develop Robust E/E Systems using Capital and Siemens Xcelerator Portfolio to find out more.

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