Overcome the challenges in development of increasingly complex vehicle E/E architectures

By Doug Burcicki

Today, there’s a considerable amount of pressure on automotive OEM’s to rapidly develop more advanced electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, and with that, so does customer demand for more sophistication in automotive features and functionalities. These advanced capabilities therefore rely on electrical wiring and electronic components to function.

Network designers and software engineers must synthesize dozens of new considerations to support the next generation of automotive products, including vehicle electrification, electronic complexity, government regulations, new business models and automated driving. Because of this, there are several challenges that go into developing these E/E architectures.

So, what can automotive manufacturers do to simplify the design process?

The key — modern solutions involving advanced electrical, network and software engineering.

Innovative electrical systems engineering solutions can help automakers by automating development processes. At the same time, frontloading capabilities will help companies accelerate vehicle development, spur innovation and lower development costs.

Using advanced tools, like the Capital software suite, enables engineers to perform consistency checks, verify architectural decisions before beginning the detailed design work and more.

The Siemens Capital team created an eBook that explains the increase in E/E architecture domain complexity. Topics include:

  • Collaborating across functional domains
  • Facing significant network architecture design challenges
  • Assisting engineers with interdependent requirements and technologies
  • Functional safety
  • Cyber security
  • The criticality of embedded software development

The eBook also provides links to relevant white papers and blog posts. Download it, here.


Get the eBook!

The eBook, The changing automotive industry landscape” provides insight into the evolving trends of the automotive industry and how automotive OEMs must find solutions for simplifying the development of the E/E architectures of today’s highly connected consumer and off-road vehicles. Capital provides the modern solutions involving advanced electrical, network and software engineering to help keep up with the complexity and shortening product development timelines.

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