Updating a Calibre DesignEnhancer via insertion kit is fast and easy!

By Design With Calibre

By Jimmy Tien

The Calibre® DesignEnhancer Via use model provides an automated via insertion process based on foundry design rule decks, meaning design teams get correct-by-construction solutions that guarantee inserted vias are DRC-clean. The Via use model relies on a Via kit that defines the allowable via insertions. But this process only works if those kits are kept in sync with the rule decks they rely on for design rule compliance.

Without automation, every time a design rule deck was revised, or a customized rule deck was developed, or a company shifted to a different process node and corresponding rule deck, foundry and independent device manufacturer (IDM) engineers would have to manually update the Via kit to match the new requirements. Updating a Via kit this way would mean manually checking every via-related parameter in the Via solution against the rule deck, and modifying each one as needed. For example, look at these two versions of the same rule:

Not easy to tell the differences in the new rule at first sight, is it? Not to mention, there are 1000+ more via related rules to compare. A time-consuming, tedious task, to be sure.

So, we made it easier and faster! The Calibre DesignEnhancer Via kit contains an innovative automated migration utility that lets engineers update a Via kit in far less time, while ensuring the revised via insertion process remains correct by construction.

Engineers start by preparing the current and updated design rule decks, and the technology files from the Via kit. After they run the migration utility, they get a comprehensive comparison report, and a list of any manual techlib updates required (such as adding new rules or removing rules no longer included in the rule deck).

A color-coded clip from the comparison report shows how easily engineers can identify the rule category, review the rule changes, and know which variables in the techlib have been automatically modified by the migration utility.

If you’d like to delve into the details of the kit process, download a copy of our technical paper, Calibre DesignEnhancer Via kit migration utility ensures accurate, timely updates.

If you’d like more information about the whole Calibre DesignEnhancer via insertion use model, here’s the technical paper to start with: Calibre DesignEnhancer design-stage layout modification improves power management faster and earlier

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