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By Design With Calibre

By John Ferguson

For a while, it appeared that the worst of the COVID pandemic was behind us. My mind immediately began focusing on a return to face to face technical discussions with Calibre users to collaborate on combined successes. Of course, along with that came the anxiety associated with travel , especially for international trips. Pre-dawn risings and traffic jams to get to the airport two hours in advance. Standing in a spiraling line of travelers for baggage check, then another for customs. On arrival, rinse and repeat, only in reverse. First customs, then baggage claims, then transportation, whether it’s a taxi, rental car, or train. Yet more traffic enroute to the destination. Hmmmm, maybe these video meetings aren’t so bad…

However, thinking about returning to travel immediately led me to check the current status of my global security program. For me as an American citizen, TSA Pre-Check is truly a thing of beauty. Skip to the TSA Pre-Check line to bypass long security check lines. In some countries, your TSA Pre-Check status even gives you a “fast pass” through incoming customs as well. When you return, skip the line of bleary-eyed zombies working through U.S. customs lines.

Why am I waxing poetic about TSA Pre-Check? Because, as I was thinking about it, I realized that the Calibre nmDRC platform also has special programs that allow you to reduce the frustrating wait to complete your design rule checking (DRC) jobs, as well as the laborious efforts to debug the results. And there’s no enrollment needed—they come with the tool!

The Calibre nmDRC Recon tool lets you speed through those early DRC runs by helping you to focus on and find critical design flaws. Getting them resolved early in the verification flow saves you the pain of encountering them later on, when fixing them is going to take way more time and resources. Likewise, the Calibre Auto-Waivers waiving functionality has been expanded to enable advanced debugging features that help you quickly understand and fix those flaws. If you’re tired of standing in the DRC lines, perhaps you should take a closer look at these two tools. Here are a couple of technical papers that provide more details:

Construct by correction with selective verification enhances productivity

Automated post-processing of DRC errors improves debugging productivity

Happy travels, whether you’re on a plane or just strolling around your neighborhood! Hope to see you soon!

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